How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote

Almost everyone who has one is going to ask how to connect Samsung soundbar to subwoofer without remote at some point. When you set up the sound system in your house, it’s everyone’s dream to have a good surround system as part of their collection. The depth of music that emanates from them is soul-refreshing … Read more

How to Build a Subwoofer (Parts and Types)

How to build a subwoofer

How do you feel when a car speeds by you giving off that deep thudding bass hits of a song you can barely decipher? Many times, it’s the rich sound produced that attracts your attention more than the recognition of the beat exuded. How about the movie theater and the thunderous sounds that come from … Read more

How to Measure a Subwoofer

How to Measure a Subwoofer

The focus of this article is in two areas. How to measure the frequency response of a subwoofer without sophisticated equipment and what you should measure when you want to replace your speakers. We’ll talk about different types of measurements that we can use in order to get the amplitude right and avoid sound interference … Read more

How to Install a Subwoofer

How to Install Subwoofer

It’s possible to hire a professional to install your subwoofer if you feel unsure of your ability to follow through the instruction and produce the required result. A professional will definitely cost some money to hire – depending on the level of expertise – but will also save you the time and stress of figuring … Read more

How to Test a Subwoofer – Why You Get a Bad Bass

How to Test a Subwoofer

It can be such a heartbreak to find your subwoofer is not performing the way you expect it to after your careful installation. You got it because you want to get all of that deep bass from your stereo or home theatre system, but you really can’t tell what the issue is at the moment. … Read more