How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote

Almost everyone who has one is going to ask how to connect Samsung soundbar to subwoofer without remote at some point.

When you set up the sound system in your house, it’s everyone’s dream to have a good surround system as part of their collection. The depth of music that emanates from them is soul-refreshing and revitalizing. Plus, they can last a good deal of time so you don’t have to replace your music set every time.

How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to Subwoofer Without Remote
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But, surround systems are bulky and difficult to move around. You have about 7 surround speakers that you have to mount correctly, and a batch of wires to move around during the setup. The mount up procedure for a surround system can be a bit cumbersome for an audiophile. As a result, many people opt to get a soundbar system.

Soundbar serves the same purpose as a surround system. It’s like taking a long, slender box, cutting out the main parts of the big system, and placing those parts in the box. The sound it produces is just as good as if you had the heavy speakers littered across the room. It’s a great boost to your TV’s sound system.

There are a variety of soundbar systems in the market. Not all of them come with a dedicated subwoofer. Those that have a subwoofer pair usually don’t need any physical wires to connect them. All you need to do is plug the soundbar and subwoofer to a power outlet. You’ll often link them through Bluetooth or any other wireless means.

Samsung soundbar is one of the unique soundbar systems in the market. It comes with a remote and subwoofer to boost low range sound from your TV.

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Samsung soundbar system

It would seem that Samsung manufacturers are quite relentless in their effort to stand out in the tech market. Their models of soundbar systems completely demonstrate that they are unique in their offerings. There are about 10 different soundbar systems by the same manufacturers – Samsung.

The features that the soundbars exhibit are unique to them. They include strong body features, sound quality, and ease of connection. 

A Samsung soundbar has a solid, durable body build. It is also attractive so it gives your room an aesthetic feel. Every model has been well thought out and executed for sound and smartness. So, slight drops or hits won’t have so much impact.

The sound it produces is smart and rich. Talk about balanced production. You can appreciate the mix of tunes, tones, sound effects, and voices coming from your TV. This is enhanced with the bass output from the subwoofer that connects to it wirelessly. 

Now, imagine that you want to temporarily turn your home into a cinema. The Samsung soundbar system produces a rich, deep sound effect that pulls you right into the heart of each scene. You can hear, feel, and take part in the action playing out in front of you.

It’s also easy to connect with the ports arranged behind it. You won’t have issues getting your devices into the full HDMI In or setting up with a wireless device. It offers you a range of options so that you’re not stranded.

How the soundbar works

The soundbar is usually paired with a subwoofer to enable it to produce all the sound range present in your movie or game clearly. It connects wirelessly with the sub and needs either a wire or Bluetooth to connect to your TV or gaming device. The method you use to connect determines how clear your sound will be.

The options available in most Samsung soundbars include HDMI, Aux cable, Tos-Link, and Bluetooth. 

When using the HDMI option, there are two ways you can connect. You can use HDMI or HDMI ARC. With the HDMI, you’ll have to connect the cable from your TV HDMI to the HDMI Out on your soundbar. If you are using any other device (like a gaming device), connect the HDMI Out on this device to the HDMI In on your sound bar. 

With the ARC, connect the HDMI In (ARC) on your TV to the HDMI (TV-ARC) on your soundbar. You’re all set for a great sound experience.

Alternatively, use the optical cable option (Tos-Link). You’ll have to connect the cable to the port that’s OPTICAL Out on your TV and link to the DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) on your soundbar. Then set the feature on the soundbar to play through the D.IN.

The other two options are Bluetooth and Aux cable. It’s only best to use these options when you can’t connect via HDMI or optical cable. They produce the weakest sound effect. And that’s because the former two are digital connections. They are able to pick out every sound that comes through the cable. But the Aux cable in an analog system while the Bluetooth can be distorted easily with fluctuations in the environment.

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How to Connect Soundbar to Subwoofer 

Samsung has been diligent enough to set the link ID of the subwoofer to the soundbar from the factory. This means that turning on your subwoofer and soundbar, both connect automatically. All you have to do is make sure both are turned off. Then plug each to a wall socket. After that, turn on your subwoofer and soundbar. They should both connect.

However, in some cases, you may find that the subwoofer isn’t linking to the soundbar when you turn it on. There are a few steps that can help you get both of them back together. Some users advise leaving them rest for a few minutes to hours before you try connecting again. 

When connecting manually, you need a few items that include a small pointed object, a compatible remote, and nothing between the sub and soundbar. You also need the devices plugged in, with your soundbar not powered.

Some people want to know how they can run the connection without a remote. Fact is, the soundbar has been designed to function with the remote. That’s how you power it. So, if you’ve lost your remote, you can check the market for compatible remotes. Better still, you can reach Samsung through any of their outlets to replace your damaged remote. 

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Manually Connecting Your Soundbar and Subwoofer 

  • Find where the ID Set button on your subwoofer is. It’s usually behind the box. When you connect the sub to a power source, the link LED shows a blue light. That’s how it demonstrates that it’s trying to connect with the soundbar.
  • Now, take your small pointed object and hold down the ID set button. Stay on for 5 seconds to allow the indicator light for Standby to go off. You’ll notice that the blue Link LED is now blinking rapidly. This will go on for 30 seconds.
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Make sure your remote is handy when you start the process. You’ll need it immediately when your LED light starts blinking.

  • Hold the remote pointing to the soundbar with your finger holding down the mute button. Stay on for 5 seconds then move to the power button. Turn on your soundbar. When holding the mute button, you should observe the soundbar’s power button flash a quick light. This means that it’s okay to turn on your soundbar.
  • Within this time, the subwoofer will be reaching out to the soundbar. When it’s able to reach it, the blinking blue Link LED will stay steady and bright. And your connection is done.

If you still have issues with the connection, repeat the procedure. Where the problem persists, allow the devices to rest awhile. Then return to them and try again.

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